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Processing Varian Data with TopSpin

Copying Varian data to the local drive – opening Varian data in Topspin – configuring where the converted data will end up – converting simple 1D data – converting 2D data (gCOSY, zTOCSY, HSQCAD, gHMBCAD) – tips for converting data when macros don’t work – converting selective-1D data (1D-NOESY). –––– Note: the custom processing macros are: varproccosy (for gCOSY), varprochmbc (for gHMBCAD, gHMBC, etc.), varprocph2d (for most other 2D data sets like DQCOSY, HSQCAD, HSQC, HSQCTOXY, etc.), and varproc1darray (for selective-1D NOESY and TOCSY)