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Jeremy A. Johnson Lab

Gallery of 2D THz Frequency Correlation Plots.

Terahertz (THz) frequency light lies between infrared and microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum. We use intense broadband pulses of THz light in ultrafast spectroscopy to study, characterize, and control material properties on trillionth-of-a-second time scales. Our three main areas of emphasis involve:

1) Terahertz Generation. We use data science techniques to develop new organic materials for THz generation, and search for new ways to create high-field, broadband THz light.

2) Nonlinear Spectroscopy. We explore the nonlinear THz excitation of collective vibrational, electronic, and spin degrees of freedom in solids using 2D THz spectroscopy to understand the interplay between this fundamental excitations. Such experiments are laying the foundation for the development of extremely fast switches that will be central to future high-speed electronic devices.

3) Hyperspectral Imaging. We are developing improved THz hyperspectral imaging techniques to differentiate components in complex heterogeneous materials.