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To-Do List

All admitted students should be aware of the Graduate Student Handbook on the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry website and read it thoroughly. Failure to meet deadlines may result in marginal or unsatisfactory evaluations on your permanent student record. Failure to complete program requirements on time can result in marginal or unsatisfactory evaluations, withdrawal of financial and/or tuition awards, and eventual termination from the program.

All Incoming Graduate Students:

  • Read the Graduate Student Handbook
  • Obtain your student identification (ID) card.
  • Open a bank account (if you don't already have one) in order to have your paychecks electronically deposited into your account. There are two direct deposits that you will need to set up. Please read on! --Log onto "MY BYU" --> go to the WORK tab on the right of the screen --> scroll down to "Direct Deposit'.
    • There are two separate direct deposit set-ups. You will need to complete both:
      • Set up a direct deposit for your paychecks (found under Payroll)
      • Set up a direct deposit for any other awards you may receive while a student here (found under- Refunds)
  • Set up your Chemistry and Biochemistry Department email account with CSR office
  • Chemistry students: Take and pass three proficiency exams of five areas.
  • Biochemistry students: Take and pass your biochemistry proficiency exam.
  • Attend all orientations:
    • Department Graduate Student Orientation
    • Teaching Assistant Orientation
    • International Student Orientation (international students only)
    • University New Graduate Student Orientation (information fair and dinner)
  • Sign your contract online
  • Meet with your temporary advisor to discuss your registration. Assure you are registered for the fall semester; Graduate Program Administrator will assist with this.
  • Update your personal information, especially your mailing address, email address, and phone number on myBYUKeep it updated.
  • Identify your assigned mailbox in C114 BNSN. Check it weekly.
  • Plan to attend department seminars. 
  • Meet with your assigned faculty member regarding your teaching/research assignment.
  • Get a parking permit
  • Review the BYU Honor Code policy regarding academic dishonesty and plagiarism.
  • To use the BYU network, review the Computer Use Policy
  • Tour the campus, especially the Harold B. Lee Library and Wilkinson Student Center, including the BYU Store.

Domestic students only:

  • If you already have a US student loan, you may consider deferring payment. To do this you will need to be declared a full-time student. See the Graduate Program Administrator for assistance.

International students only:

  • Check-in online at
  • Go to the Student Health Center for a TB test. ($15 whether you have their Health Plan or not).  You will need to schedule an appointment online -, under 'appointments'.  You will select immunization, TB test.
  • Apply for a social security card (unless you have one already). 
  • Schedule an appointment with student employment to complete your I-9.

Chemistry & Biochemistry