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Course Rotation

Course Rotation Schedule

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a number of courses on various concepts and specializations.  The master’s program differs from the PhD program in credits and amount of classes needed.  The chart below discusses required, core, and thesis or dissertation classes.

Direct any questions about coursework to the Graduate Coordinator or Graduate Program Administrator.

Course Topic 2022-2023 2023-2024
514 Inorganic Chemistry F F
518 Instrumental Analysis (Lecture) F, W F
523 Instrumental Analysis/Laboratory W W
552 Advanced Organic Chemistry F F
553 Advanced Organic Chemistry W W
555 Organic Spectroscopic Identification F F
561 Chemical Thermodynamics
563 Reaction Kinetics - on demand
565 Intro to Quantum Chemistry F
567 Statistical Mechanics W W
569 Fundamentals of Spectroscopy -every other year
571 Polymer and Materials Chemistry
581 Advanced Biochemical Methodology 1 F F
583 Advanced Biochemical Methodology 2 F F
584 Biochemistry Laboratory/Proteins W W
586 Biochemistry Laboratory/Nucleic Acids W W
596R X-ray Crystallography
596R Electronic Structure and Molecular Modeling F
594R General Seminar F, W F, W
601 Chemical Handling and Safe Lab Practices W W
619R Chemistry of the Transition Elements
629R Mass Spectrometric Methods of Analysis W
629R Separation Methods of Analysis
629R Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis
655 Advanced Techniques in Nuclear Resonance
659R Organometallic Chemistry W
659R Bioorganic Chemistry W
659R Natural Products Synthesis F
659R Advanced Topics Org & Biomolecular Chemistry W
669R Quantum Chemistry
689R* Biochemistry of Cell Function
689R* Cellular Signal Transduction F
689R* Structural Biochemistry (489R OK by petition)
689R* Molecular Biology of Cancer F
689R* Proteomics
689R* Bioinorganic Chemistry
692R Current Topics F, W F, W
694 Scientific Writing & Professional Ethics W W
697R Graduate Research F, W, Sp, Su F, W, Sp, Su
699R Graduate Thesis/Dissertation F, W, Sp, Su F, W, Sp, Su
729R Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry
729R Experimental Design
729R Atmospheric Chemistry
729R Microfabrication/Nanofabrication F
729R Microfluidics
729R Surface Chemistry and Analysis
769R Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry