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APR and LP

Annual Progress Reviews (APR)

Depending on the year in the program, students will have one or two progress reviews. Go here for general information about the reviews. For first-year students, the following is considered for your first annual review after your first semester. First-year APR presentations are usually given in August.

  1. First and second-semester grades
  2. First and second-semester teaching/research assistant performance
  3. First, second, and possibly a third round of proficiency exam result

Literature Presentations (LP)

GS Year Fall 692R Winter 692R Spring Summer
1st LP APR - in August
2nd LP APR
3rd APR - 3rd year proposal LP
4th APR
5th and beyond Graduate students need to coordinate with committee to schedule APR IF they do not defend within the academic year

LP - Committee Chair in attendance
3rd-year proposal - entire committee must be in attendance
APR - entire committee must be in attendance

Chemistry & Biochemistry