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Lavender Lin

I am a mother of three cute kiddos and scientist in training. I realized my passion in scientific research when I was in my junior year back in the BYU-Hawaii. The first time I was in the research lab, sitting next to the fancy instrument, holding the micropipette, and feeling like a huge excitement like my dream came true. I knew I want that for life. Plus, I always have a dream to make a healthy life easier for everybody. I bought my professor’s selling pitch of “As doctor you cure one person at a time, as a scientist you cure millions at once. Its pretty cool, isn’t it? I always believe systematically view of the bio signaling is the key to comprehensive prevention and treatment of disease, and JC’s kinetic model of proteostasis is all about it. That’s why I am so in love to my research and my lab. My main focus of my graduate research is about quantifying the quality of the protein folding. I spend my free time with my family, and the thing I love most is eating. I am surely an eater.