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Lab Chore Assignments

Tissue Culture

Primary lab member doing tissue culture for a particular project (noted). Split cells, Plate cells, Maintain LN2 stocks, Prepare media, Share duties preparing common cell culture reagents (e.g., prepare heat-inactivated FBS, aliquot Pen-Strep)

Tips & Pipettes

Keeps an adequate number of pipette tip boxes filled and autoclaved. Systematically sends pipettes for service and calibration.


Keeps electrophoresis area clean and organized. Monitors equipment and sends for repairs as needed. Prepares buffers and stains (e.g., 50X TAE, Coomassie Brilliant Blue). Aliquots protein and DNA ladders and orders reagents as needed.

Balances & pH Meter

Keeps balances cleaned and leveled. Keeps pH meter area clean. Changes working aliquots of pH calibration buffers on a regular (monthly) basis.


Everyone should clean out any reusable glass and plastic ware and leave in the E-241 BNSN sink. This lab member regularly runs used glass and plastic ware through the dishwasher and returns glass and plastic ware to the appropriate storage location in the lab.


Maintains lab and instrument computers. This includes the organization of data storage locations, makes sure operating systems are up to date and coordinates data backup to Box and the lab NAS. Coordinates work with the Department CSR regarding lab computers.

Unwanted Lab Material & Biohazard Waste

Monitors all unwanted lab material and biohazard waste containers and has them removed in a timely manner when full. Makes sure that all appropriate logs are available and filled out. Also functions as a lab safety monitor and brings potential safety issues to the PI for advice.


Maintains the lab webpage


Works to build and maintain a lab inventory for all common reagents and molecular biology constructs throughout the lab shelves, refrigerators, and freezers.

Chem Stores

Maintains and monitors request page for needed supplies that can be purchased through Chem Stores.